Strategic Planning

A powerful message. The right partners. A winning product. A comprehensive plan. Precise execution. Only taken together will you optimize impact.

Crisis Management

We have tackled them at the highest levels of government and beyond. It takes know how. Move quickly. Use the facts. Change the narrative. Win the argument. Restore reputations. And create new opportunities. From WikiLeaks to lawsuits. Controversial policies to using the wrong words. And plan strategically, because the best crisis management starts before there is a crisis. 

Communications and Engagement

You may have the best idea or policy in the world, but if you can’t communicate what it is in a comprehensive and simple manner, it may not get the attention it deserves. CBK Strategies can serve as an effective advocate to help you be thoughtful and strategic about where you want to go, be it with your own personal brand or policy idea.

Philanthropic & CSR Advising

Making a difference does not need to be hard. Drawing upon development experience and work with foundations, high net worth/high profile individuals and the Clinton Global Initiative both at home and abroad, we provide philanthropic social impact advice. Whether a high net worth individual or a company baking doing well by doing good into its DNA, we have experience and know how to make a difference.

Stakeholder Engagement

We have a unique understanding for how to engage stakeholders abroad. It’s about people. Understanding cultures. Knowing the political dynamics. Seeing opportunities. These are things you have to have experienced to know. 


We started in opposition research. Research is at the heart of all we do. Facts matter. Using them properly matters more. But you need to be able to find them. And it may not be as easy as it sounds. We have done complex legal research, academic research, competitive analysis and political (self and oppo) work. These skills are translatable to your needs.  

About Us

We provide strategic advice and tactical execution to companies, causes, individuals, brands, public sector actors, and non-profits facing complex financial, marketing, branding, media, legal, and image opportunities and challenges.

In order to move a cause forward, grow profits, increase ROI, or reach any end goal, you must have a strategy that is not only well thought out, but also responsive to today’s market. That means thinking about partnerships, communications, public policy, corporate social responsibility, and policy together to maximize impact.


Innovative: Each Project Is Unique

Impact: Outcomes Not Outputs

Focused: Clients First

No Silos: Cross-Sector Planning


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Feed the Future


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